Field stations

The 3 University partners (UHEL, UTU, ÅAU) are represented by their main marine field stations, located along the W-E gradient of the Finnish southern archipelago zone (Husö, Seili and Tvärminne).

This setting offers FINMARI a range of research infrastructure for comparative spatial studies along environmental gradients, both in the field and in experimental laboratories. The facilities of each station offer sufficient overlap to enable this, but most importantly for FINMARI, the scientific niches of each field station complement each other.

In addition, a next-generation field station is being constructed on the island Utö by FMI, with SYKE collaboration: Atmospheric and Marine Research Station providing continuous, real-time data from the marine environment and the lower atmosphere.

The 3 university stations represent Finnish participation in the ESFRI-consortium EMBRC. The Finnish node is coordinated by Tvärminne station.


photo: Alf Norkko