Seili - UTU

The focus of the Seili station, Archipelago Research Institute, University of Turku, has been on long-term monitoring of the brackish water environment and statistical time series modeling, supported with experimental laboratory facilities. Station is situated on Seili Island in the middle of the Archipelago Sea.

Versatile laboratory RI are being upgraded into closed flow-through aquarium facilities, allowing long-term manipulative experiments and rearing of organisms for studies of ecological interactions in close collaboration with the ecological genetics stronghold of UTU.

Seili manages the research vessel Aurelia, extending the scope of operation over the whole Archipelago Sea area. Smaller boats and other field equipment are represented in Finnish on home page. The Archipelago Research Institute office is located on Seili in the summer season and moves to the University of Turku city premises for the winter.​

Real-time data from Seili profiling buoy


Station Director Jari Hänninen