Utö - FMI

The Utö Atmospheric and Marine Research Station of Finnish Meteorological Institute is located on Utö Island (59º 46'50N, 21º 22'23E) at the outermost edge of the Archipelago Sea, facing the Baltic proper.

Physical, chemical and biological variables measured at the Utö station. Illustration by Lauri Laakso

FMI started meteorological observations on the island already in 1881. The marine temperature and salinity record at Utö Deep dates back to 1900, being one of the longest in the whole Baltic Sea.

Since 1980, Utö station has been developed with diverse atmospheric and marine observations, including aerosol particles, trace and greenhouse gases, boundary layer meteorology, waves, ice cover and sea properties including physical and biological variables. Utö station participates in several observing networks like ICOS, HELCOM and EMEP.

Utö station can be reached several times a week with ferries.  Accommodation on island is available for approximately 100 people. As the measurement station is located at military area, a prior permission is needed for a visit.


ICOS - Integrated carbon observation system

HELCOM - Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission

EMEP - 'European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme'


Doc. Lauri Laakso, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Head of Unit, Dr. Jukka Seppälä, Finnish Environment Institute