FINMARI Researcher Day 2022

The posters are in alphabetical order by the name of the first author. 

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CoastClim: Centre for Coastal Ecosystem and Climate Research - Connecting the sea and the atmosphere to find solutions to climate change
Heikkinen J, Hiltunen T, Sjöqvist C: The importance of genetic diversity and the associated bacterial community in the marine diatom Skeletonema marinoi
Hellemann D, Aalto SL, Asmala E, Kiljunen M, Koch B: Carbon-limitation in a carbon-rich system: seasonal limitation of benthic denitrification in the coastal northern Baltic Sea
Hiltunen A, Hänninen J, Saarni A: Launching a study of nanoplastics in the Baltic Sea, SW Finland - Picking up small debris
Ikonen A, Sjöqvist C: The effect of molecular stimulation on the lifecycle and growth of microalgae
Kraufvelin L: Impacts of marine heatwaves on the functioning of Baltic Sea coastal ecosystems under the influence of non-indigenous species
Lehto E, Lehtiniemi M, Setälä O, Suikkanen S, Uurasjärvi E, Koistinen A, Saarni S: The occurrence of microplastics in sediments of Baltic Sea over time
Mäkelin S, Villnäs A: Food sources drive elemental stoichiometry of benthic consumers
Preston R, Seppä P, Schagerström E, Blomster J: The origin and regeneraton of free-living Fucus vesiculosus in the Baltic
Riipinen K, Puntila-Dood R, Fowler AE, Vesakoski O, Jormalainen V: Invasive mud crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii alters invertebrate community composition in the northern Baltic Sea
Rousi H, Fält-Nardmann J, Niemelä P, Hänninen J: Long term regulative effects of Atlantic climatic factors on Archipelago Sea zooplankton biomass - a comparison with terrestrial arctic butterflies
Spilling K, Asmala E, Haavisto N, Haraguchi L, Kraft , Lehto A-M, Lewandowska A, Norkko J, Piiparinen J, Seppälä J, Vanharanta M, Vehmaa A, Ylöstalo P, Tamminen T: Brownification affects phytoplankton community composition but not primary productivity in eutrophic coastal waters: a mesocosm experiment in the Baltic Sea
Stockdale E: A New Era in Scientific Diving - Finnish Scientific Diving Academy
Virta L, Teittinen A: Threshold effects of climate change on benthic diatom communities: Evaluating impacts of salinity and wind disturbance on functional traits and benthic biomass