Tvärminne laboratory

The laboratory at Tvärminne Zoological Station offers excellent instrumentation for modern chemical and biological research, including facilities for water analyses, microscopy, isotope studies (class C) and basic molecular work.

The laboratory services include, e.g., analyses of nutrients, chlorophyll, DIC, and C/N mass spectrometry. TZS has several light and temperature regulated walk-in climate chambers for aquarium experiments, as well as indoor and outdoor experimental aquaria facilities, all with flow-through seawater. For boats and field sampling please see Field stations / Tvärminne.

Long-term monitoring data from the TZS area is available on temperature, salinity, nutrients, chlorophyll, zooplankton and benthic macrofauna, and one of the weather stations of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is located at TZS.

The laboratory hosts a duplicate of the SYKE MRC phytoplankton culture collection, including hundreds of species strains which can be used in experimental work.


Laboratory chief Jaana Koistinen
Research coordinator Joanna Norkko