RV Aranda is a modern, ice-reinforced research vessel owned by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. Even if  planned and constructed for Baltic Sea research, she is able to operate in all seas. Aranda has made scientific expeditions i.a. to Antarctic waters and the Northern Atlantic.

Aranda was thoroughly renovated in 2016-2017, in terms of hull shape, deck area, laboratories and instrumentation.

The vessel is adapted to year-round multidisciplinary marine research, including biology, physics, chemistry and geology of the sea. The well-equipped laboratories and advanced computer systems facilitate sample treatment and data analysis under way.

The manoeuvrability of Aranda has been dimensioned for demanding research work, the ship being able to stay exactly in position at a station with the aid of DGPS and DP systems. Aranda has the equipment to receive satellite and weather images, and its own versatile weather station.

Technical specifications

Built: 1989, Wärtsilä shipyard, Helsinki
Owner: Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Home port: Helsinki
Call sign: OIRY
Classification: Research vessel
Length 59.20 m
Width 13.80 m
Draft 5.00 m
Gross tonnage 1,734 GT
Power 3,000 kW
Cruising speed 10.5 knots
Endurance (max) 60 days
Berths for researchers 25
Crew 12-13
Laboratory space 124 m²
Wet lab 9 m²
Acclimated rooms 16 m²
Computer lab and offices 32 m²
Workshop 7 m²
Sampling facility 132 m²
Helicopter deck
Research and storage container facilities
Sauna, gym and laundry


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Head of Unit Riitta Autio, SYKE Marine Research Centre