MS Aurelia (photo: University of Turku)

R/V Aurelia is owned by the Archipelago Research Institute, University of Turku, and based at the Seili field station. She operates in the area of the Finnish Archipelago Sea (from Uusikaupunki to the Åland Islands and Hanko Peninsula).

The vessel hosts small wet and dry labs and is equipped with standard hydrographic and marine biological research and sampling equipment (incl. CTD, sediment corers and grabs, ADCP-profiler, on-line chlorophyll fluorometer, Meridata digital sonar system and other sonars), weather station, differential GPS, Navi Fisher navigating system.

Technical specifications:

  • Length 18,1 m
  • Beam 5,0 m
  • Draught 1,5 m
  • Weight 18,5 tons
  • Carrying capacity 5,8 tons
  • Speed ca. 15 knots
  • Passenger max 42 persons

Further details in Finnish on home page.


Station manager Jari Hänninen
e-mail firstname.surname (at)