FINMARI Researcher Day 2022 

The program of FINMARI Researcher Day,  23 March, 2022

Please note that all times are EET (CET+1)

10:00 Opening and welcome

10:10 Session Multidisciplinary marine observation 

  • Keynote: Sanna Sorvari Sundet (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
    Why infrastructures are important for research, marine infrastructure (FINMARI) in the puzzle of environmental RIs
  • Anu Kaskela (Geological Survey of Finland)
    EMODnet Geology provides access for marine geological data
  • Martijn Hermans (University of Helsinki, Tvärminne)
    The importance of Iron-Phosphorus-Sulphur Feedbacks in Controlling Baltic Sea De-oxygenation: A Modelling Study
  • Okko Outinen (Finnish Environment Institute)
    Continuous underwater noise - Monitoring and potential impacts
  • Mervi Kunnasranta (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
    Aerial surveys of Baltic grey seals in Finland
  • Discussion, Q&A

11:30 Coffee break

11:45 Session JERICO RI

  • Keynote: Henry Bittig (Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research)
    Exploring the Baltic by BGC-Argo: What can be learnt and what new questions arise?
  • Martti Honkanen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
    Physical, chemical and biological drivers of diurnal carbon cycle in the coastal region
  • Lumi Haraguchi (Finnish Environment Institute)
    Phytoplankton diversity, by the eye of CytoSense and relation to pCO2 at Utö station
  • Hedi Kanarik (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
    Combining old and new measured current data to evaluate circulation in the Archipelago Sea
  • Discussion, Q&A

13:00 Lunch break, posters 

14:00 Session Biodiversity

  • Keynote: Thorsten Blenckner (Stockholm Resilience Centre) Cancelled and replaced by
                        Saara Kankaanrinta (BSAG): Carbon Action Platform
  • Emil Nyman (City of Helsinki)
    Half-century trends in alpha and beta diversity of phytoplankton summer communities in the Helsinki Archipelago, the Baltic Sea
  • Christian Pansch-Hattich (Åbo Akademi University, Husö)
    From Diurnal Variability to Heatwaves and their Impacts on Marine Species and Communities
  • Terhi Iso-Touru (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
    Environmental DNA in biodiversity research and monitoring
  • Heidi Herlevi (Åbo Akademi University, Husö)
    A piece in the puzzle - non-native round goby in coastal fish communities
  • Discussion, Q&A

15:20 Coffee break

15:30 Session Biodiversity

  • Keynote: Ilari Sääksjärvi (University of Turku)
    How to tackle biodiversity loss in Archipelago Sea?
  • Riikka Vainio (University of Turku, Seili)
    Trophic dynamics of mercury in the Archipelago Sea food web
  • Aarne Lauerma (University of Turku, Seili)
    The blue mussel color polymorphisms and growth rates in the Archipelago Sea, northern Baltic Sea
  • Lora Harris (University of Maryland)
    Making Space Matter for Hybrid Ecosystem-Individual Based Models
  • Discussion, Q&A

17:00 Closing