Research output

Key mission of FINMARI activities is excellence in internationally competent marine research across all disciplines. All the other uses of the infrastructure are dependent on the success of this task.

The scientific output affiliated with FINMARI RI is of top international standing, and all partners produce high-profile publications in their respective, main fields of research.

The FINMARI partnership produced 889 scientific publications, based on the FINMARI RI, in international peer-reviewed journals during 2014-2019, annually ca. 150 publications. 79 PhD theses were defended during the period.

Number of scientific articles published by the FINMARI consortium during 2014-2020

FINMARI-based research is increasingly published in top journals or leading journals within disciplines. The multidisciplinary essence of FINMARI is reflected in the very wide range of these, including Nature, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Science Advances, Nature Ecology & Evolution, Ecology Letters, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Biological Reviews, The ISME Journal, Global Change Biology, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Biogeosciences, Geology, Remote Sensing of Environment, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Pollution, Algal Research, The Cryosphere, Science of the Total Environment, Journal of Ecology, Ecology, Functional Ecology, Scientific Reports, Biology Letters, Environmental Science & Technology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Geophysical Research Letters, Boreas, Limnology and Oceanography, FEMS Microbiology Ecology, Oikos, Journal of Biogeography, Progress in Oceanography, Journal of Animal Ecology, BMC Genomics, Ecological Applications, and Ecosystems.