FMI - Finnish Meteorological Institute

Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is the Finnish authority responsible for atmospheric and marine research and services. FMI has approximately 600 employees, of which 300 working in research.

FMI – Marine Research Unit provides excellence in physical oceanography and sea ice research for the FINMARI consortium. Objectives are to develop automatic observing systems for a better quantification of climate change and variability of the physical environment, to examine atmosphere-ocean-land linkages and exchanges, as well as process studies governing physical-biogeochemical interactions. 

FMI utilizes Argo-floats, glider, fixed moorings and RV Aranda for data collection in open sea areas. For coastal studies, FMI has established together with the FINMARI partners the comprehensive atmosphere-ocean observatory at the island Utö, with automated real-time measurements of air/sea carbon fluxes and physical, chemical (pCO2 ) and biological dynamics of the mixed surface layer.