the consortium

FINMARI is a distributed network of four Finnish research institutes and three universities, complementing each other. The consortium operates research vessels, field stations and laboratories, automatic platforms and instruments, and platforms for research and surveillance of the marine environment. FINMARI provides a unique contact point to all major Finnish marine research facilities. FINMARI is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.

The overall target of FINMARI consortium is to facilitate the synergies among the specific, non-overlapping research niches of the partner institutions, to strengthen their interaction, and to create and maintain joint open access procedures for Finnish and international scientists across the infrastructures for marine research.

The FINMARI consortium consists of 7 research partners, each with a distinct profile and competences, leading to their RI development role in the consortium.

Three  University partners -  University of Helsinki (UHEL), University of Turku (UTU), and Åbo Akademi (ÅAU) are represented by their main marine field stations, located along the W-E gradient of the Finnish southern archipelago zone. This enables comparative spatial studies along environmental gradients , both in the field and in experimental laboratories. Their facilities offer suitable overlap to enable this, but most importantly for FINMARI, the scientific niches of each field station complement each other.

Four governmental research institute partners, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) provide a wide array of heavy-duty marine research RI and develop this in synergy with the FINMARI strategy, to develop and maintain FINMARI as an internationally esteemed open access RI for the scientific and Research, Technology, Development and Innovation communities