SYKE - Finnish Environment Institute 

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE is a multidisciplinary research and expert institute. Its key role is to solve society's most burning questions that have an impact on the environment. SYKE provides necessary information, multidisciplinary expertise and expert services for public and private decision-making.  SYKE operates under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment, and its activities focus on nine themes, one of which covers the Baltic Sea.

 SYKE-MRC  is responsible for carrying out national monitoring (biogeochemical fluxes from the catchment, pelagic and benthic parameters, satellite imaging) and maintaining databases for the Baltic Sea on the national level. It carries out multidisciplinary research on the functioning of seas by integrating modelling, measurements and observations. 

SYKE expertise is used in the implementation of Finnish marine resource management planning,  EU maritime legislation and the Baltic Sea environmental protection convention. 

SYKE Marine Research Centre coordinates FINMARI.

Its role in the research infrastructure includes the operation and management of the largest Finnish research vessel Aranda and the Alg@line on-line monitoring platforms. SYKE participates in the automated Utö Atmospheric and Marine Research Station led by FMI.  The Marine Research Laboratory of SYKE has excellent facilities for experimentation in micro to mesoscale, including development of automated measurement technologies and platforms. The laboratory hosts the FINMARI Baltic Sea phytoplankton culture collection.  


Research Professor Maiju Lehtiniemi, Consortium Director
Consortium Manager, Doc. Katri Kuuppo
Head of Unit, Doc. Riitta Autio, Research Vessels
Head of Unit, PhD Jukka Seppälä, Marine Ecology Laboratory
Research Professor Timo Tamminen, Senior Advisor

Marine Research Centre
Finnish Environment Institute
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