Collaboration is the strength  and strategic choice of FINMARI.

The basic aim of FINMARI is to assemble Finnish marine research infrastructure into a coherent framework, and connect it to the RI networks on national and international levels in order to

  • promote the use of FINMARI RI nationally and inernationally,
  • facilitate the Finnish scientists in utilizing European marine RI,
  • increase the international collaboration in studies of coastal seas,
  • improve the transnational links between academia, industry and society and providing sites for multisectoral studies, and
  • contribute to a long-term impact through provision of data and products

FINMARI is the only national marine RI on the Finnish landscape of environmental Research infrastructures. It tights together many European RIs, marine research organisations and networks, and data RIs and aggregators on the national level. 

The landscape map  shows those ERICs, RI projects, marine organizations and  data aggregators in which FINMARI is a partner or collaborates with.

Memberships in EU ERICs

EMBRC-ERIC (partners UH, ÅAU, UTU and Syke). which is a consortium for marine biology and ecology research, especially providing access to biological resources and research platforms. The Finnish node is coordinated by Tvärminne station, and the other FINMARI partners currently offering marine biological research services include the university field stations Seili and Husö, and the marine laboratories of the Finnish Environment Institute.   

Euro-Argo ERIC (partner FMI) is a key player in global Earth Observing systems, providing data for model development and validation, and contributing to ocean and climate change research. FMI is the only partner with activities within Baltic Sea, focusing on development of Argo measurements in shallow and seasonally ice-covered seas, thereby having a specific role in the ERIC and complementing Baltic Sea observation network.

ICOS-ERIC (partner FMI) interfaces with FINMARI in ocean observations. The German ICOS-partner IOW has established an ICOS Ocean station on Ship-of-Opportunity Finnmaid and collaborates with SYKE, who is maintaining the onboard Ferrybox system as part of its Alg@line monitoring network. Silja Serenade Ferrybox-line (part of Alg@line network) between Helsinki and Stockholm, jointly operated by SYKE and FMI, is becoming a part of ICOS Ocean Thematic Center in 2021. A clear engagement between FINMARI and ICOS is the Utö Atmospheric and Marine Research Station in proximity to the ICOS ERIC station.

Key marine RI projects and organizations

FINMARI (Syke, FMI) has been actively involved in the development of JERICO-RI for European Coastal Observatories during 3 successive INFRAIA project stages (2011-present). SYKE has currently (H2020 JERICO-S3) a key role in the integration of trans-institutional and transnational operations, leading the WP for constructing JERICO-RI Pilot Supersites for coastal observation. 

EuroGOOS (FMI as member, SYKE as collaborator) is the European component of the Global Ocean Observing System GOOS, with working groups and task teams working towards integrated, sustained and fit-for-purpose European ocean observing. GTK is the national delegate in the Science Support and Advisory Committee of ECORD, the European branch of the International Ocean Discovery Program IODP, RI for scientific ocean drilling.

FINMARI partners have long and widely collaborated with the well-established international organizations ICES and HELCOM, which are fluent in data services, knowledge creation and in providing scientific advice.

EU marine data portals and aggregators 

have a key position in the provision of open access to marine data, and in providing data products and services. FINMARI is well positioned in these RIs, especially by the research institute partners. The most noteworthy contribution of FINMARI in this context is the GTK leadership of the EMODnet Geology Portal, an important source of information for a wide range of government, industry and research users. SYKE and FMI contribute to Chemistry and Physics Portals and SYKE to Biology, Physics and Seabed Habitats Portals.

The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service CMEMS provides EU-wide regular and systematic core reference information on the state of the physical oceans and regional seas. SYKE and FMI participate actively in various developments and as the key data providers from the Baltic Sea. SeaDataNet is a distributed Marine Data Infrastructure for the management of large and diverse sets of data derived from the seas and oceans, connecting more than 100 European data centers, including SYKE and FMI.


EMBRC contact
 Joanna Norkko, Tvärminne Zoological Station, UH

Euro-Argo contact
Laura Tuomi, Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI

JERICO contacts
Lauri Laakso, Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI
Jukka Seppälä, Finnish environment Institute SYKE                                                                           

ICOS contact
Lauri Laakso, Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI