GTK - Geological Survey 
of Finland

Geological Survey of Finland GTK is the national geological organisation under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. GTK is a European center of excellence in assessment, research and sustainable use of Earth resources. GTK has approximately 600 employees. 

GTK provides excellence in marine geology, especially paleoceanography, sedimentology, stratigraphy, (isotope) geochemistry, marine geological habitat mapping, and sediment dynamics. GTK gathers information for the use of management and implementation of policy strategies in the Baltic environmental issues, as well as for adaptation to the future climate change.

GTK manages research vessel Geomari and is nationally responsible for seafloor geological mapping in the Finnish territorial water including the Exclusive Economic Zone. It hosts laboratories for sediment geochemistry and geophysics. GTK geodata center collects, stores, processes and provides all geological information from Finland.

In the FINMARI consortium, GTK is responsible for seabed geology. It operates the Geomari research vessel,  equipped with modern seabed survey and sampling facilities, and provides data on seabed structure, composition and the sedimentation dynamics at seabed.


Research Professor Aarno Kotilainen