University of Turku Archipelago Research Institute

The Archipelago Research Institute at Seili Island is a special unit in the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Turku

The Archipelago Research Institute is a historical marine station, which  offers various research support services and participates in multidisciplinary research of the Baltic Sea, with a special focus on the condition of the Archipelago Sea. The station is open for researchers and visitors year-round.

The Institute also offers research services and facilities for courses and seminars, mainly for universities. 

Archipelago Research Institute is a partner of the national node of the Finnish marine stations within FINMARI (coordinated by TZS) in the EMBRC-ESFRI process. Seili is also a member of the EuroMarine network.

With the focus on long-term monitoring of the brackish water environment, UTU offers data and statistical time series modeling of the ecosystem, supported with experimental laboratory facilities. The laboratory allows long-term manipulative experiments and rearing of organisms (algae, zooplankton, invertebrates, fish) for studies of ecological interactions in close collaboration with the evolutionary biology stronghold of UTU.


Department of Biology

 University of Turku

EuroMarine - European Marine Research network

EMBRC - European Marine Biological Resource Centre


Station Director Jari Hänninen