ÅAU/Husö new profiling buoy deployed


Åbo Academi University's Husö Biological Station received their new Flydog profiling buoy, which was successfully deployed at the NW coast of Åland, on August 10, 2016. Congratulations!

The new buoy is a next step in the FINMARI strategy of building a network of profiling buoys to the southern coastline of Finland. The network will provide real-time data on seasonal stratification, bloom dynamics, and benthic-pelagic interactions, and the data will be essential in e.g. model parameterizations.

Currently, Turku University of Applied Sciences and UTU/Seili maintain a profiling archipelago buoy near Seili station, for continuous measurement of basic physical, chemical, and fluorescence parameters of the water column. In 2016, FMI will purchase a cabled, bottom-mounted profiler to be deployed near the Utö station, and FINMARI's FIRI2016 Action Plan includes a profiler to be deployed near Tvärminne Station.

Click the first photo to see the photoshow (courtesy of Andri Laidre/Flydog Marine).

Punch coordinates 60.376052, 19.657764 into Google Earth to have a look where the ÅAU/Husö buoy is located.

Real-time data from the buoy will soon be available, so stay tuned...

The Flydog buoy was purchased with Academy of Finland FIRI2014 funding.