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Researcher Day 2024 Programme and Registration

Registration to the FINMARI Researcher DAy 2024, on the 7th of March 2024 is open until 28 February! You can register and read the programme in this link. The event is on-site, all-inclusive!

Funding to FINMARI from the Research Council of Finland

Great news from the Research Council of Finland: FINMARI receives funding for the next two years (2024-2025) for building research infrastructure networks and developing the data management.

FINMARI Researcher Day 2024 - Save the date!

Save the date in your calendar for FINMARI Reseacher Day 2024! The next ResDay will be hosted by the Geological Survey of Finland GTK in Otaniemi Espoo, on the 7th on March 2024. Welcome!

FINMARI Newsflash June 2023 has been published

Click the picture for a pdf

Utössä tehdään merentutkimusta yhteistyössä

Lukusuositus: erinomainen artikkeli merentutkimuksesta Utön saarella. Linkki TÄSSÄ

FINMARI Researcher Day 2023 Program UPDATES

We have updated the programme of the Researcher Day´23, on the 4th of April, 2023 and the instructions to the posters, which is HERE. Please remember also the deadline of registrations: - to the…

FINMARI Researcher Day 2023: Registration is now open!

Register HERE . The registration to the on-site event is open until 2 March, 2023 and to the virtual attendance until 20 March, 2023. FINMARI Researcher Day 2032 is the 4th of April 2023 at 9:30-17:00…

New FINMARI video has been published today 29.12.2022

A video about a mesocosm experiment in the indoor mesocosm facility at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Helsinki, in August 2022. We exposed natural plankton community from the Gulf of Finland…

November 2022 NewsFlash is out now

Interesting updates from FINMARI are now available. Just click here to read the whole issue.

FINMARI Board visited Utö field station 9.-10.8. 2022

FINMARI Board, and directors of FMI, SYKE and the Ministry of the Environment visited Utö island in August 9-10. In addition to strategic discussions, the delegations got acquainted with the research…

FINMARI Newsflash June 2022 issue is out!

Please click the picture for a pdf with opening links

Four marine research positions open at the Finnish Meteorological Institute

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is a high-profile research and service organization responsible for atmospheric, marine and space observations and research in Finland. Annually, the 600+…

Video recordings of the Researcher Day 2022 now available

FINMARI Researcher Day 2022 on the 23rd of March, 2022 had more that 150 participants. They heard excellent presentations about multidisciplinary marine observation and marine biodiversity, and saw…

Field instruments of GTK now in the Gear Gallery

Field equipment of the Geological Survey of Finland are now presented! See the gear gallery/GTK

FINMARI Newsflash starts to appear in February 2022

FINMARI Newsflash will appear 3-6 times a year as of February 2022 and contain interesting topical news from the consortium and partners. If you want to receive the news directly to you email, please…

The first ever FINMARI Newsletter now appeared

FINMARI Newsletter will appear 3-6 times a year. If you want to get it to your email, you can order it from the Contact us page. Please click the sheet to go to larger view and links.

FINMARI Researcher Day 2022 Registration is now open!

Direct link to the registration is HERE The program will be updated on the Researcher Day page

FINMARI Researcher Day 2022: virtual event 23.3.2022 - SAVE THE DATE!

New FINMARI Video published today!

To see the video, please click the picture below

FINMARI Gear Gallery: factsheets of facilities and instruments

FINMARI GearGallery has started to build up. The first batch of fact sheets about facilities and instruments of SYKE is now available on these web pages here.